Thursday, December 16, 2004

Kayla's Dress

Susan just called from Swaziland, Africa.
She had a proud mother’s tear in her voice.
And Jean cried as she heard what our granddaughter Kayla had just done.

Earlier today Susan had been called to the clinic to minister to a young mother of two girls—both infected with AIDS. The 10 year-old sister died.

The family is poor, didn’t even have a decent dress to bury the precious child in.

Susan went home to get one of Kayla’s dresses for the burial.
“Kayla, do you have a dress you’d like to give for the girl to wear?”
“Yes, Oh yes, Mommy!”

Kayla went to her closet and took out her favorite and most expensive dress, as well as a fancy bow for the younger sister to wear to the funeral.

The rest of the story? A few months ago some dear friends, Frank and Julie, that own a children’s clothing shop in Baton Rouge had taken the best little dresses off their shelves and given them to Kayla. And now their gift has given again.

And we think the gift will keep on giving Kayla the warm joy of knowing she did a right thing.

It really is more blessed to give...