Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Whine List #1

I think I’ll do an occasional whine list on my blog. That way poor hubby won’t get the brunt of my complaints. I’ll just cast my whines on the blog. So here’s the first one:


When I was a kid in school, I had English teachers who demanded we speak and write correctly.

Now, I’m not the world’s best at this, but I do try. And with our ‘Cup publications going out to the world, we strive to do it right.

I know I do and say a lot of stuff wrong—including typing my emails in all lower case, simply because it’s easier to type that way. Probably drives some people crazy.

But there are some things being said and done nowadays (even on TV news reporting) that really get under my skin. And I’ll bet my English teacher, Mrs. McWhirter, would have plenty of red marks on THIS essay, but here goes.

“Going northbound”
This should be either “northbound” or “going north” –it’s redundant to say both.

“We are so happy to have he and his wife…”
The easy way to tell whether to use he or him is to drop the rest of the sentence. You wouldn’t say “We are so happy to have he.” You say, “We are happy to have HIM.” So to say it all correctly: “We are so happy to have him and his wife.”

“The gift was for my husband and I."
It’s still the same problem. I or me. Same rule as above applies. Drop the other person, “The gift was for I” or “The gift was for me.” Decide which sounds better, and then put the other person in without changing the rest of the sentence.

Fill vs. feel
I know this one is more of a southern pronunciation thing. It just sounds funny when I’m asked to “feel the cup” when it was really meant to be “fill the cup.” On the other hand, when I’m asked, “How do you fill?” I’m tempted to say, “With my fingers."

Alright vs all right
I was taught it was two words: all right. But I guess enough people misspelled it and now it is accepted as a proper spelling. (I wonder what Mrs. McWhirter would think of this.)

When you say “It starts at 3pm in the afternoon” you are being redundant. Again. You need only say PM or afternoon since both mean the same thing. Perhaps it would be better said, “It starts at 3 o’clock in the afternoon” or “It starts at 3PM.” Same goes for AM…it means morning. Actually 12 midnight to 12 noon is AM; 12 noon to 12 midnight is PM.

Bring vs take
When to say which one…my daughter is totally confused over this one, along with thousands of other folks. It's simple: You bring it here and take it there. “Take your umbrella with you today, it looks like rain.” (Not bring.) “Bring your whole family!” means I’m inviting you to come from where you are to where I am. Why does everyone use “bring” in all those situations?

I’m sure there are more words and phrases I could list here, but I am getting too whiny.

What are your words and phrases complaints? Let's share and whine together!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

End of the Spear

Hubby took me to see a GREAT movie Saturday.

A missionary movie, called "End of the Spear."

About Nate Saint and his martyrdom along with four other missionaries...but how it didn't end there. It was actually the beginning.

Please go see the movie. It's well worth your investment of money and time.

And it's a true happening.

By the way, stay for the credits. The video played along there is really the topper of the story.

I left the place convinced that being a missionary is the best thing in the world. I'm so glad God lets me be one.

Friday, January 20, 2006

about getting older...

getting old has a price.

my most recent payment was my back. almost anything can throw it out of kelter. so i've been whimpering around for the last few days.

when your back is out of whack, everything takes great planning.

for instance, listening to the early warning of the bladder. two items are of utmost importance at this point. one, the warnings of the bladder come on suddenly and urgently, leaving little time to accomplish the trip to the bathroom. but, ah, the trip to the bathroom takes longer when the back isn't functioning properly. that's the second item. it took me about 5 minutes to get from point a (at rest) to point b (bathroom).

i had to carefully, prayerfully, inch my way, step by itsy-bitsy step, down the hallway to the bathroom. holding on to the walls either side of the passageway proved helpful. when i would finally reach the goal, my bladder would be so excited to finally get to empty itself that i had to be extremely careful to use the muscles to control it and yet neither tense-up nor disturb the muscles that allow me to seat myself comfortably (which were also the muscles that were in a tight little ball, daring me to move the wrong way) before freeing the bladder to empty. timing was so important.

after a couple of days the meds prescribed by the doc began to take effect, and i could finally move about a bit more. by this time the laundry was beginning to look like mount saint helen's. (i was hoping it wouldn't explode like msh.) so i decided to tackle the laundry. as it was impossible for me to bend over and pick up anything, i had to invent something to assist me.

using my great wisdom, i took one of those nasty coathangers you get at the cleaners, and devised a tool with which i could hook an item and bring it to my hands without having to bend over. i sorted those dirty clothes into three, nay four, piles: the whites, the lights, the darks and the towels. after chosing which pile needed washing first, i used my handy dandy hook to pick up the items and place them into the washer.

when the cycle was finished, using the device ever so adeptly, i removed items from the washer and put them into the dryer. after they were nice and dry, i used my tool to pull the clean and dry items from the dryer and into my talented hands and folded them beautifully.

my wonderful husband came home and put things away, bless his heart.

we may find them all one day. (just kidding!)

my coat hanger invention does have its limits, however. sayong, i cannot pick up my dropped cell phone, book, or peanut shells. kleenex will cooperate if handled properly and patiently.

i got showered and dressed this morning without needing to use my new tool to pull a clean towel from the shelf. However, i was made aware once again of my age with the old inability to put my socks on without being able to breathe properly--or to hear clearly--because i was bent over.

and now i'm back at the office, working at my computer.

beautiful day today. too bad i can't go out and play. i have to fold letters. i wonder if i can figure out how to do this with my coat hanger...???