Monday, July 24, 2006

On The Road Again

Here we are. About half-way through the first leg of our itinerary. Following are pictures of some very cool people we have been priviledged to see and have a meal or some coffee or coke with, or just hugs and handshakes. We are blessed with wonderful friends. 1. Duane and Gail Turner (heading out for missions work in Korea) 2. Bruce and Twyla Menzies 3. Sanford and Irene Berry (this was Irene's birthday!) 4. Bill and Betty King

Keep watching my blog for more updates on who we've been with. In fact, check Dave's blog for his updates as well.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Forty Days

Many times people say they'd love to help Children's Cup, but they just don't have the budget.

Well, there is something you can do that doesn't cost anything: PRAY.

Would you like to join Children's Cup in our Forty Days of Prayer for the Children?
Check out our special website for further information. It's free. And you will make a huge difference in a bunch of kids' lives.

Check it out here.

And your kids can get in on the action as well. This will make an impact on their lives. Check out the website together.

One day in heaven you'll meet a lot of people who will thank you for taking time to include them in your prayers. They'll tell you that it made the way for them to come to know Jesus and know hope for the first time ever.

Bless you for joining us in these 40 days, starting August 1, 2006.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Try It, You'll Like It!

Here's the link.

This is a very addictive's pictures of pixels of pictures of pixels of pictures...

Worth the short down load wait.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Hillsong Photo Gallery

Son Danny asked me by that incredible invention called Instant Messaging whether I'd taken any photos at this awesome Australian convention we are so privileged to be attending.


I've been so caught up in the awesome goings-on that I completely forgot to be capturing memories on my camera. So I began to do so the first chance I got.

Following are some of our favorites...
Ohlerking, Nick Caine (yes, he's Christine's cool husband)
Missionaries Ohlerking, Ohlerking, Barriger, Cole
Life Church Memphis Pastor John Siebeling, Ohlerking
C3 church of Cleveland NC Pastors Matt & Marty Fry
Pastors Scott and Vanessa Bledsoe, Household Of Faith, Gonzales LA--our Louisiana neighbors!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hillsong Conference and the Red T-Shirts

Here we are, in the awesome land of music. No matter what you thought Australia was in the past, kangaroos, koala bears, Nemo, The Opera House, the Outback, etc., it is fast becoming the land of Hillsong.

Dave and I are attending the 20th anniversary conference for pastors, hosted by Brian and Bobbie Houston, Hillsong pastors, along with Mark and Darlene Zscheck and Nick and Christine Caine.

The music is so marvelous that I can’t find words to express it. Joining my voice with thousands of others in praise to our heavenly Father is beyond description. Has to be close to what it will be in heaven.

Delirious and Alvin Slaughter are our favorite guest musicians. They MINISTER…

Pastor Brian read off a list of over 70 countries represented here. So, so cool.

The speakers are topnotch, the best having been my own pastor, Dino Rizzo, who, at one of the “Community Action & Evangelism Stream” sessions, presented how Healing Place Church people serve Jesus by serving others, especially during hurricanes Katrina and Rita. How to impact your community—practicing today so you can be ready for the emergency tomorrow.

We have been privileged to meet some outstanding pastors and leaders and some up-and-coming missionaries. Dave and I will blog about them later.

There are four thousand volunteers serving and hosting the thousands of guests at this conference. They have taken a week off their own jobs to volunteer (that means working for free) to drive guests to the hotel or to the conference or to a session. They open the car doors like real chauffeurs, are dressed in dark suits (okay, no ties, but looking sharp in white shirts) and some even sporting the carefully arranged just-out-of-bed hairdos. The love of Jesus all over them.

But my biggest impression is that of the red t-shirts. They are scattered like red ants all over the conference. Ready to answer questions, give directions, and welcome smiles. They have even learned to read faces—when we looked confused, just standing there trying to figure out where we were to go next, a red t-shirt came to us and asked, “what can I help you with?” We have even had a red t-shirt TAKE us to a place we were uncertain of how to get there. All this with the happiest smiles and warmth you can imagine.

Volunteers. Hours and hours of volunteering. Cleaning. Smiling. Directing. Smiling. Letting Jesus win.