Friday, January 26, 2007

A New School Year Begins

In Swaziland the school year is January-December. The kids go to classes Jan-Mar and are off all of April. Then back to school for May-Jul and off August. Again to classes Sep-Nov and out all of December.

Classes began Monday at the "Rodgers school." Trinity (3) has begun attending preschool (about 5 minutes from home) and loves it. Levi and Kayla are homeschooled and have jumped right into their lessons with only a wee bit of hesitation. Their mom makes learning really fun for them.

To enhance their 3R's, they are taking gymnastics classes and swimming lessons. There is also a music class that Kayla attends, but it hasn't resumed yet this year. These "extra curricular" classes are held in different places in Mbabane.

In case you ever begin to feel sorry for the MK's (missionary kids), just stop and realize that they have some pretty incredible experiences you and your kids may never have. Have you ever ridden an elephant? ...petted and bottle-fed a baby lion while in his cage with him? ...had your vehicle invaded by cheeky baboons looking for a handout? ...had your lunch stolen by a monkey or an ostrich? ...handfed a warthog? ...had your dad chase down a snake in your mom's laundryroom? ...shared your outgrown clothes with boys and girls who are wearing only rags? done a puppet show telling kids about Jesus? ....dished up food for hungry children? ...hugged a dirty-faced orphan who has just been told Jesus loves him?

These things and more have been the privilege of Kayla, Levi, and Trinity.

Please do pray for our kids. But don't feel sorry for them. They know their lives are truly exciting and blessed!

(and I'm a proud grandmother)