Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day Thirty-Two of Forty

Makholweni CarePoint

God, please minister through Children's Cup to the children who come to this CarePoint.

Our cry to you is that you protect our children from harm, heal their little bodies of horrific disease, nourish their tummies with good food, soothe the pain and hurt they suffer from losing mother and father, and other loved ones and being abandoned.

Most of all, we ask that you soften their hearts to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Give our teachers and missionaries your awesome anointing to teach them how to grow and become strong leaders and excellent Christians in their own community.

Give them reasons to live: Joy, Peace, Hope.

In Jesus' name,

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Day Thirty-One of Forty

Moneni CarePoint

Thank you, Lord, for Moneni.

Thank you for the local businessman who supplies this CarePoint with chicken every week so that the children can actually have meat in their diets! Bless that man abundantly.

Thank you for the cooks and teachers and volunteers. Meet their needs, strengthen their bodies.

Thank you for the missionaries who love on our kids here. Fill their hearts with your love. Give them wisdom and guidance.

Thank you for our children who have come to be fed and taught and healed and loved. Thank you for every piece of wood they bring to help keep the cooking fires burning. May these little ones come to know Jesus personally and find grace and hope for their lives.

Thank you for the kids who have learned to minister in little plays and skits and music. Bless this effort for your glory.

May everyone who passes by Moneni CarePoint feel the presence of Jesus. And through our little place, may the Holy Spirit minister to the neighborhood and bring revival to hungry hearts and deliverance to tormented souls.

In Jesus' name,

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Day Thirty of Forty


Dear Lord, this tiny country has been through terrible and awful places. The people have experienced horrors my mind can't imagine. Genocide is beyond my comprehension.

Although the "war" is now over and the people are doing well together, they still have hurts that are slowly, slowly mending.

We are asking you to heal the broken hearts, mend the torn relationships, give them the grace to honor one another and treat each other as Jesus would do.

Restore their spirits. Touch their lives with your mercy.

Especially we pray for the children. Erase from their memories the horrors of that day. May each one come to know you and serve you.

Fill their hearts with your love.

In Jesus' name,

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uh oh...

Well, I'm behind a couple days on my prayers for the 40 days.

We just got back from our three-week tour around the south and due to several teensy reasons, I didn't get my prayers posted for August 30 and 31. tsk.

So now I'm picking up where i left off.

The trip was good. I'll post about it soon.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Day Twenty-Nine of Forty

Vacation Camps

Father, I well remember the summer Bible camps I attended. I made new friends and reestablished old ones.

We played sports and did handcrafts and had Bible lessons.

And we had church. Boy did we have church!

Lord I thank you for those wonderful times.

And now we are having vacation Bible camps for our CarePoint kids. How exciting!

I just pray that these kids come away from their days at the camps having made new friends, enjoying sports activities and handcrafts. And loving learning the old Bible stories and applying them to their own lives.

Especially I ask that the "church" services are a time of spiritual awakening. That their souls are enlighened to the ways of the Holy Spirit. That they join their voices together in praise and worship to our God.

That they are forever changed. That they determine to serve you the rest of their lives. That through these children you can bring revival to a beautiful country. That you can begin to work miracles in body and soul throughout the land...

...for your Glory.

In Jesus' name,

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Day Twenty-Eight of Forty

Pat Conti

Wow. What a great gift Pat has been to the 'Cup team...and to the hundreds and hundreds of kids whose lives he has made brighter. Thank you God, for sending him our way.

Thank you for the way he is so kind to all those he meets--from the kids, to the cooks, to the builders, to the others on the 'Cup team--and everyone inbetween!

Bless Pat and meet his his every footstep. Anoint his ministry, give him your wisdom. As he makes decisions, help him make the right ones.

May every life he has introduced to Jesus, find Pat as such a positive role model that they pattern their lives after him--and that Pat continues to pattern his life after Christ.

In Jesus' name,

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day Twenty-Seven of Forty

Mangwaneni Manzini CarePoint

For all the children, the neighbors, the volunteers, the cooks, the teachers, the gardener, the missionaries...we ask for blessings of love and joy and peace. For health and happiness. For the contentment of knowing who they are in Christ. For a great passion for serving Jesus. For personal salvation. For the blessed Hope.

Especially, Lord, I am asking for that little girl I met the last time I was there. She was about 10 or 12 years old, wearing a green sweater. She was so happy to have me give her a hug. She came back and hugged me again and again. Her eyes were so full of sadness... Please give her the health she needs. Give her a safe place to sleep. Protect her from molesters. As she partakes of the food and healthcare and education we are so privileged to offer her at this CarePoint, I pray she accepts you as her personal Savior. Give her the peace that passes all understanding. Make her a soul winner and a peace maker. Use her for your glory.

In Jesus' name,

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Day Twenty-Six of Forty

Murray Camp CarePoint

Thank you, Lord, for Miss Peggy, our wonderful school teacher at this CarePoint.

Thank you for the ACE Bless educational program we are using to teach the children not only their a-b-c's and 1-2-3's, but most importantly the Living Word of God.

Thank you for the awesome kids who are so well-behaved in the two little classrooms where she teaches. Bless the kids who just come to the CarePoint to eat lunch and play in safety.

Thank you for the cooks who peel and cut and chop and carry water and wood and cook and stir and serve up beans and "pap" and whatever vegetables are available to our kids there. Thank you for the food they fix.

Thank you for the little garden lovingly planted in the corner...

Bless Miss Peggy and give her anointing to teach, and patience and a deep and Godly love for the children.

Bless our wonderful children. Give them Hope in Jesus. May they eagerly learn their lessons with joy.

Bless the little garden. As it is tenderly cared for, may it produce healthy vegetables for the kids' meals.

Bless our Murray Camp CarePoint to be the place where Hope is found.

(Hope's name is Jesus.)

In Jesus' name,

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Bad Day Tale #2

My friend, Angie, after reading my brother's blog about his crazy day yesterday, sent me this version of hers--same date as Tom's (Angie doesn't have her own blog, but if things like this keep happening, I'm gonna push that she starts one of her own. The world needs to know about these things):


Sounds a little bit like my day yesterday although mine was to a minor degree
compared to Tom's day!

I have this car with "automatic" door locks in the sense that when you push down one lock, the other 3 lock down too. Also works in reverse...unlock 1...all 4 unlock.

Well, I was running errands and decided to call a local restaurant and order a "din-din" to go. Got there and proceeded to unlock the door that accidentally got pushed down while going through the drive-thru at the bank. It unlocked (they ALL unlocked) but when I took my hand away, they all locked up again! Repeats over and over again! Tried to hold the lock UP long enough to pull the door handle open but no can do! Rolled down the window, put the key in the keyhole OUTSIDE the door and tried several times that way. NO LUCK!

Thank God for cell phones...I called the restaurant, told them I was outside their front door, asked for curbside delivery (not normally offered) which they promptly brought out...called the local dealership that sells my brand of car...they had never heard of such a thing happening before! I said, "I'll be right over so maybe you can help me get out of my car...I'm too old to climb out the window!" The serviceman tried several times to no avail! Was I to be doomed to sleep in my car overnight or, worse yet, till the battery ran down?

Finally, a miracle happened! The locks stood at attention and I was able to step out of the car! We went inside the shop where he found the number for the dealership in Louisville, KY where I purchased the car new. That dealership had installed a unique security system that the local man figured was somehow the cause for my problem. Alas, they had all left for the day in Louisville...being EDT there.

Well, I got back in my car, hoping and praying I would be able to get out again when I got home. Oh no! It happened again! I called the local shop to pick the man's brain as to what he may have done to get it to stay open an hour before. All he could think was that he had tried the key in the lock at least five times. Maybe that would do it!

Another miracle happened! Five turns of the key DID do it, and just in time to get inside to the powder room!

This morning I had forgotten about the drama of yesterday until later in the day when IT HAPPENED AGAIN! This time five turns of the key didn't work...but ten was the magic number this time! And this time I was at the Laundromat so after I got my clothes in the washer I remembered I had better call Louisville again and see if they knew anything. NOT AGAIN! They had already left for the day!

Well, there's always tomorrow...just hope I don't have to climb INTO my car to get to work!



Wow. Is there an epidemic out there? Are our vehicles turning against us?

Thursday, August 24, 2006


There are just some days like that.

You gotta check out my brother Tom's latest post.

Day Twenty-Five of Forty

Madonsa CarePoint

For the children, the neighborhood, the cooks, the other volunteers, we ask your blessing.

For this CarePoint, please make it be a Light in the neighborhood.

For the cooks, and the other volunteers, we are asking for you to bestow your love upon them as they interact with the children.

We also pray that these adults will find you as their personal Savior.

For the teachers and the assistants, we ask wisdom and anointing as they teach the children.

And for the children, we ask you to draw them with your love. Change their little lives. Give them Hope in Jesus.

Protect them from evil-doers. Give them health. Bless them with happiness.

Cause these children to grow up to become strong Christian leaders in their community. Use them for your glory.

In Jesus' name,

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day Twenty-Four of Forty

Ngwane Park

Please bless this CarePoint. Bless the cooks. Bless the gardener. Bless the teachers. Bless the missionaries.

Most of all, bless the children.

May they all come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. May they all grow spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally.

Heal their sick bodies. Give them hope...and love...and joy...and peace.

Make them power-houses for God.

In Jesus' name,

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Day Twenty-Three of Forty

Kristen Young

Lord we just really thank you for Kristen and her sweet, sweet spirit.

Thank you for the love she has for the little kids you have given us in Africa.

Please bless Kristen with your special anointing to minister to the children. Bless her with joy and wisdom.
Give her good rest at night. Make her so full of You that a glow of your presence is left when she leaves the room.

We thank you for her talents as a beautician. The missionaries are so happy to have a USA-type hair cut!

Bless her life, her marriage, her health, her ministry.

In Jesus' name,

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Day Twenty-Two of Forty

Charles Young

Lord, how we appreciate that you sent us Charles.

Thank you for his energy. Thank you for his boldness. I thank you even for his crazy personality.

Thank you for his love for the children. Thank you that his purpose in life is to make you famous.

Please give him your divine wisdom, clear guidance, and holy anointing. Bless his efforts as he endeavors to minister to the youth. Give him the right words...

Please bless his family and loved ones that he and Kristen are away from. Bless his own life and marriage.

Keep Charles in health and safety. Give him many souls.

In Jesus' name,

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Day Twenty-One of Forty


Oh, how my heart cries for Zimbabwe.

God we ask, we plead for this land and its hurting people. Especially for the little ones.

Please take care of our special children in the orphanages, Lord. For Pretty, Precious, and Tinotenda. For Samuel and Wellington. For Kudakwashi and Dillon. Beverly and Matthew and Luke. For Miriam and Lincoln and Forget and Jane and Trust. Munyaradzi, Sarah, Memory, Nancy and Catherine. For the kids at the other orphanages and schools and feeding points. And all the others...

Meet their needs. Keep them in health. And happiness. May they grow in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Bless their teachers who love you. Bless their pastors who care. Bless their caretakers who are being substitute parents.

Protect them all from harm and danger. Make them wise.

God, undertake in this beautiful yet sad nation. Pour out your love and compassion upon all the hurting ones, may they lean hard on you in this time of trial...

Give them Peace in the midst of the storm. Peace that passes all understanding.

In Jesus' name

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day Twenty of Forty

Teresa Rehmeyer

Thanks for sending us Teresa to help minister to the kids.

Thank you for her abundance of TLC and compassion. Your love in action through her God-given gifts are drawing so many to know you, Lord.

Please continue to use her. Give her wisdom as she determines how to treat a sick child. May her hands be your hands as she not only administers medicines, but also your great grace and love.

Help her not to wear out--please daily restore her emotionally as well as physically. Give her the strength to continue on day after day.

May her own family rise up and call her blessed.

In Jesus' name,

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Day Nineteen of Forty

Daran Rehmeyer

When he's on the road, protect him from harm.
When he's interacting with the nationals, guide him in a plain path.
When he's making decisions, give him wisdom.
When he's setting up clinics with Teresa, use him to help change lives.
When he's home with his wife and children, teach him to lead.
When he's interacting with the 'Cup Team, anoint him.

God we thank you for Daran. He has heard your voice, answered The Call, and is doing an amazing work for you with 'Cup in Swaziland.

Please continue to use him for your glory and to bring hurting kids into a place of comfort and healing in Jesus.

Bless him with health and contentment.

In Jesus' name,

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Day Eighteen of Forty

Sinks for the Children

God, this sounds like such a strange request. But You know better than I how important these sinks are to the health of our kids. Without a mom or caring grandmother to teach the children how to wash up before they eat, to wash after using the bathroom, to brush their teeth and take a bath--they don't know it's important and they don't know how to do it.

These sinks would be such a blessing--we would be able to teach the children to wash up and then when they eat the healthy meals we are privileged to provide them, there would be less chance of them eating filth along with that bowl of beans and pap.

Speak to the hearts of those who are able to provide the funds for us to install sinks with running water at every CarePoint.

Thank you.

In Jesus' name,

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Special Report!

You gotta read Lincoln's blog. He's got something wonderful to tell you.

It's shoutin' time in heaven!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to JD!

One Cool Kid! Happy #12 Jay. We are very proud of you.

Day Seventeen of Forty

Enslaved Children

Lord, childhood should be a time of joy and laughter, of learning about life and love, of growing up with family and knowing the love of Jesus.

So many in this old world are not able to experience any of the "normal" things in life, like our own kids in the USA know. With parents dead (mostly from AIDS) and only evil neighbors (who prey on them) to offer shelter and/or food, their lives are really dark and hopeless.

The thought of these kids being abused so horribly is more than I can get my mind around. I'm really not sure that I even want to fully understand it all. I just know that YOU, Lord, are greater than this evil.

Please undertake in this terrible situation. Give these little ones your HOPE and love. Help us to effectively tell them about your healing power, your saving grace, and your tender care. Open their hearts to receive this Truth.

Protect them from further harm and danger. Heal their hurts. Heal their hearts. Heal their minds. Heal their spirits.

Set them free!

In Jesus' name,

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day Sixteen of Forty


This country has seen so much heartache, so much turmoil, so much trouble...

But You, Lord, are able to heal the broken-hearted, bring order to confused souls, and place peace deep down inside.

Touch the lives of the little ones who are in the children's hospital at Viet Duc. Help them to get well quickly. Bless the nurses and doctors who are ministering to their needs. Bless the leaders of the hospital with wisdom and health.

For the people who have been affected by the terrible "agent orange," we ask for healing--work miracles!

Give 'Cup wisdom and guidance to make right decisions regarding activities there.

Thank you for allowing us to help the hurting in Vietnam.

In Jesus' name,

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Day Fifteen of Forty

KaKhosa CarePoint

Lord, this little oasis in the middle of a terrible place, is God-blessed.

Thank you for the hundreds of kids who find food and education and safety and peace right here. Here in the midst of a hard, hard place--a little village on the edge of Manzini.

Here you have established a ray of sunlight that welcomes the hurting and gives them HOPE!

Father, bless every life that goes through the gate into the CarePoint. May they come to know you personally. May they take the message of salvation and joy with them--everywhere they go.

Bless the teachers with wisdom and health. Give them fresh and fun ideas about teaching.

Help the community around the CarePoint to come to know you, too, because they feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in that place!

In Jesus' name,

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Day Fourteen of Forty

Sharon Van Rensburg

Thank you God, for my good friend, Sharon. What a wonderful blessing she is to me. What an awesome Christian. What a great example she is to everyone around her.

You have given her the gift of listening, of caring, of praying, of following up--you have given her many souls.

May those lives you have entrusted to her care grow and blossom spiritually.

I just want to ask that you bless her, continue to use her for your glory, and keep her in good health. Give her wisdom and strength and happiness.

Meet her needs, grant her the desires of her heart as she serves you with gladness.

In Jesus' name,

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Day Thirteen of Forty

Dave "Beano" Van Rensburg

What a wonderful gift we have in Beano. What a great friend.

Thank you for allowing us to work together to touch the lives of the little children in Africa.

Bless Beano in everything you give him to do. Give him wisdom, health, and gladness. Keep him safe everywhere he goes.

Open doors for his ministry. Give him guidance in a clear path. Go before, making the crooked places straight.

Meet his every need...

Use him for your glory.

In Jesus' name,

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Day Twelve of Forty

CarePoint Cooks

The cooks are such an important part of our mission to care for the hurting little ones...

Thank you, God, for each one.

Please give these dear ladies a special love for the kids. Help them to let Jesus shine through their lives and their work.

Give them a love for the other cooks--that they have respect for one another, working together without problems.

Bless their gifted hands, bless their lives with comfort for their own homes. Keep them in health.

May each one come to know you personally; and those who do know you, to grow in their faith.

Thank you for our cooks, Lord.

In Jesus' name,

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Day Eleven of Forty

Our (awesome) Missionary Kids
Gabby, Danielle, Nathanel, Joelle
Kayla, Levi, Trinity

God, these kids aren't on the missionfield by their own choice. When mom and dad felt God's call and left their homes and friends and cousins, the kids just went too. Some of them were old enough to feel the call with the parents, but some just didn't.

Yet, there they are, working right alongside dad and mom, winning souls to Jesus.

The Rehmeyer kids many times go with mom and dad to minister health care to the hurting little ones. They have their own Bible study at school. They have taught their classmates some great Christian music...

The Rodgers kids put on puppet shows and hand out stickers and candies to help make someone's day better.

God, please put a satisfaction in the hearts of the MK's, knowing that they have a part to do in their parents' work on the Field. Anoint them as they witness.

Keep them out of harm's way. Keep them healthy. Keep them from being homesick. Give them peace and contentment in Swaziland.

Help them to truly have servant's hearts.

(and let them know how much we love them too)

In Jesus' name


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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Day Ten of Forty

Susan Rodgers

Susan Jean Ohlerking Rodgers. Our only born daughter amongst three sons. God, how we thank you for her.

Thank you for the gifts you have bestowed upon her life. Thank you for calling her to the mission field...although it is very hard sometimes for us to think of her being there.

Thank you for the wonderful husband and children you have blessed her (and us!) with.

And now, today, we are asking for very special blessing upon her life. Give her clear direction, bless her every effort to bring Honor to you, bless her kitchen where so many weary lives have been energized, bless her home with your Holy presence.

Anoint her as she teaches school to her children. May they grow up to call their mom "Blessed."

Give her good health and strength. Give her good friends. Give her the right words to say to encourage others.

But of all the things we could ask you to do in her life, I think the one I want to ask you for is this: JOY. In the light of all the things that come into her life as a missionary and wife and mother, I am requesting that you give her abundant JOY.

Give her JOY unspeakable and full of glory.

In Jesus' name

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Day Nine of Forty

Ben Rodgers

God, how we thank you for Ben.

Please give him divine wisdom as he leads Children's Cup in the overseas assignments.

Give him clear direction. Give him the right words to say at the right time. Give him favor with governments and leaders. Make him a blessing to the 'Cup staff and volunteers. Use him to encourage the 'Cup missionary team. Make him a great and loving husband and father.

And Lord, please bless him with health and happiness.

Keep him safe on the highways and in the byways. Protect him when he comes and when he goes.

Today, right now, may he feel your presence in a very special way. Give him assurances that he is doing your will. Give him courage to make the right choices.

Most of all, give him souls.

In Jesus' name

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Day Eight of Forty

Fonteyn CarePoint

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for this very special CarePoint.

Thank you for each child who is nurtured here. Thank you for each adult who is learning to know you better as they serve the children.

Please bless them all...keep them in health. May HOPE spring up within their hearts as they learn to trust in You.

Help Children's Cup to be able to continue to provide the needs of these precious little ones.

Make the kids strong Christians, soul winners, and lights to the community.

In Jesus' name

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Day Seven of Forty

Jean Ohlerking

Hey--that's me! And boy, do I need all the prayer help I can get! Thanks, everyone, for praying for me. And if, after today, the Lord brings me to your mind, pray again.

I am using exerpts from Psalms 143 and 146 (God's Word translation) to apply to myself today. This is my prayer for me.

Heavenly Father,

I stretch out my hands to you in prayer.
Like parched land, my soul thirsts for you.

Let me know the way that I should go,
because I long for you.

Teach me to do your will, because you are my God.
May your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

Praise the Lord, my soul!
I want to praise the Lord throughout my life.
I want to make music to praise my God as long as I live.

Blessed are those who receive help from the God of Jacob.
Their hope rests on the Lord their God,
who made heaven, earth, the sea,
and everything in them.
The Lord remains faithful forever.
He brings about justice for those who are oppressed.
He gives food to those who are hungry.
The Lord sets prisoners free.
The Lord gives sight to blind people.
The Lord straightens the backs of those who are bent over.
The Lord loves righteous people.
The Lord protects foreigners.
The Lord gives relief to orphans and widows.

Lord, please make me fit to be used to accomplish your will.

In Jesus' name,

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day Six of Forty


How we thank you God, for giving us this area in which to build a CarePoint.

Thank you for the volunteers who happily assist us in this ministry to bless the children.

Thank you for each child who comes to our little kitchen for physical nourishment, and other tender care.

Please bless this ground where the Zakhele CarePoint stands. Bless each one who comes through the gates...

We ask that the entire community will come to know about the Love of Jesus because of what is happening here.

We ask for revival in Zakhele. Give us Light. Give us Love. Give us Living Water. Give us Souls.

All for Your glory,


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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Day Five of Forty


Swaziland. Lord you made such a beautiful piece of land there--mountains of green grasses and gum trees and pine trees and all sizes and shapes of rocks. You made the lovely valleys where the sugarcane and vegetables grow so lush...

But Lord, a closer look reveals a land that is so needy. Life-styles and culture have taken the wonderful people into really hard situations. Their choices have taken their lives to the edge of hell itself. AIDS and poverty and sin are costing lives every moment of every day.

The ones who are the innocent victims of this land are the children. With parents either sick or dead, they look to other relatives for a 'home' but many times finding that no one wants to raise the orphans of AIDS. Some must rummage through the city dump to find food to eat. Other little ones are being tricked into trading their own bodies for a loaf of bread...

Today, Father, we are pleading with you for this beautiful land. For its leaders and teachers and pastors. For all to come to know Jesus Christ. For all to choose to serve you. To care about each other. To care about the little ones.

Touch all those who are giving their lives to take your glorious Gospel to them. Grant them health and wisdom and strength and joy.

Please, God, give us revival in Swaziland.

In Jesus' name,

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Friday, August 04, 2006

The Circus!

Seems almost sacreligious to post about a circus in the middle of the 40 days of prayer event, but here goes...

I took Tori, JD, Lincoln, Rhodes and Rhett (and their parents, of course, who do count, although not quite as important as those kids) to the Ringling Brothers Barnham and Bailey circus last night.

Lincoln was so excited to get there he could hardly wait.

And none of us was disappointed. Circuses are such fun.

There was this one clown who had no hair except the chunk of a hairpiece up on top (that occasionally became a critter)--Rhodes and Rhett called him "Pop"--I suppose because of the hair situation. And because Pop wasn't sitting with us (he's not into circuses).

Lincoln laughed hard at the same clown who was burping a baby, who on the third or fourth burp nearly rattled the rafters.

There were "flying" dogs, prancing horses, and dancing elephants. There were the daring young men on the flying trapeze, as well as tightrope walkers. Who can forget the two guys who tied themselves up in knots--throwing their legs over the backs of their own necks and just standing there looking, well, just weird. And the pretty lady who wrapped herself up in fabric that hung ceiling to floor and did tricks by twisting and turning in the stuff. The one I can't figure out is the act that was entirely upside down. The man and the woman in the act just walked on the ceiling upside down. hmmmm

We all loved it. A great time for the grandmother to treat the grandchildren...

But the truth be told, taking the kids was just my excuse to get to go.

Day Four of Forty

Dave Ohlerking

Thank you God, for my wonderful husband and partner, my best friend, my advisor, and companion.

Thank you for calling him to do Your work. Thank you for enabling him to do it. Thank you for the talents and wisdom you have given him.

Please give him your clear guidance, may he know your voice and have the strength and courage to follow wherever you lead.

Anoint him with your words, your love, your health.

Meet his needs, bless him spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and relationally.

Give him souls. Grant him the deepest desires of his heart.

Thank you for allowing me to be his wife.


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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day Three of Forty

Thank you, Lord, for Elevate!

Thank you for speaking to the hearts of these dear people who have given up their time and a chunk of their lives to go to a far away place and share your great love.

Use the Team in everything they do--from the most important "hugging" and direct interaction with the kids, to the works of service such as painting and cleaning up. From teaching a Bible story to presenting the plan of salvation.

Please, Lord, keep them safe from harm or dangers. Keep them safe on the highways. Keep them safe in their beds, giving them good rest. Keep them well. Give them wisdom. Anoint their words and their works that every aspect of this trip will be effective toward bringing people to know Jesus.

And bless them with peace and joy, knowing they have served you well.

Place in each member of the team's hearts the desire to continue being a part of the lives of all they have come in contact support these new friends in daily prayer and concern...for the rest of their lives.

And Lord, prepare other teams of like-minded folks who will dedicate a piece of their lives to ministering to kids in the hard places of the world, those who want to make a difference in the world. And prepare the hearts of the "specially chosen" to give the rest of their lives in full-time missions service to bringing hope to the hopeless--Hope's name is Jesus!


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