Monday, February 25, 2008


February is the month of Celebrations for the Ohlerking Tribe.

8 Feb Dan (42)

9 Feb Lincoln (8)

14 Feb Dave (68)

25 Feb David 3 (13)
Sorry I don't have a more current photo of's been a long time since we've been able to see him. But he is loved more than he can imagine!

29 (Feb) Rhodes and Rhett (4)
This will be the first time they have had the privilege of celebrating their birthdays on the actual day since they were born on leapday in 2004

Besides all the birthdays, Jimmy & June, Beano & Sharon, as well as Dave & I celebrate our anniversaries in February.

And last of all, hugs for Valentine’s Day for all our special people--including you!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

An Uplifting Testimony

Following is the testimony of a good pal of mine. It's too good not to share it with the world.

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis 35 years ago and was in isolation for 10 days! When I was discharged I was told I could have more trouble later on. They didn't tell me what kind of Hepatitis it was...A, B, or C and years later I found it hadn't been noted in my records.

Sure enough, about three months later I started having shooting pains in the liver area and tried to ignore them. One evening in church in the middle of the visiting evangelist's message I had a stabbing pain that make me jump! I tried to act natural, hoping no one had noticed. However, the minister saw and stopped preaching, gathered the people around to pray for me. The pain left and after the service he and my husband both discovered they saw the same thing...a huge hand and arm reaching down into my liver area and coming back out. I didn't know if it was a new liver or what but I knew I never had distress there again!

For 35 years I have felt "contaminated" because I couldn't donate blood "because you've had hepatitis!" Last week I was having blood drawn in the lab for something and I talked with the young lab girl about the frustration of never knowing what kind of Hepatitis I had had. She said, "That's easy! We can run a test and see!" No one had ever told me that before!

Today I received the results of that test and I am clean for all three...A, B, C! I stopped in at the lab to thank the technician for telling me about the test. When I related my frustration to a co-worker of hers, she said if I tested clean I probably didn't really have H. after all...just an infection around the liver. When I told her the details she changed her mind and said it sounded like I really did have it but that it would show up on the test because you never can get over it. So I told her of my miracle that night and that she could do what she wanted with it but I believe in the power of prayer! She agreed and said without a Divine Intervention I could never have been clean!

We both had goose bumps as I said, "Thank God for the confirmation of my miracle that night...35 years ago!"

Friday, February 01, 2008

I Am a Promise!

Because of Oasis church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida, and Children's Cup working together, these precious kids are knowing Jesus--and have Hope for tomorrow!

Although the video is a bit rough, you can tell by their joyful voices that the kids from Sauerstown are looking forward to serving Jesus.